PhD gloom or not?????


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Hey folks,

Thought I would say hi! Haven't been on this forum for about at least eight months.
I am now 3 and 1/2 years into my PhD and about to submit. I can honestly say it has been the hardest thing I have done in my life. If you look back to my previous posts I was so lost and genuinely wanted to quit many times. I never thought I was good enough (still don't and still have doubts about passing viva). However, I secured a permanent full time job as a lecturer in September so I must have some academic qualities???

When I logged on to this site tonight I seen so many posts that reflected my thoughts during the PhD. Supervision issues, confidence issues, depression and motivation I think are terms that PhD students are very familiar with. In my experience it has been worth it so far.

The next five years might tell it's tale but I can honestly say the PhD is the worst experience of my life but so far it has been worth it. I wanted to say to all out there lost and confused, keep working at it! Genuinely, you are going to come across so many obstacles but in relation to your life it is only short term.

I hope I pass my viva, I’ll keep you updated (I’d need to or I’ll loose my job lol).

Just remember everyone else doing a PhD feels the same (i.e. lonely, depressed,confused, frustrated, lazy, guilty etc...).

Rant over lol



As sad as it is to say- it's SOOO refreshing to hear that you have experienced those feelings as well....I find it's very easy to get isolated and then let your feelings/thoughts overwhelm you!

I never know this journey would be as difficult and emotionally rattling as it is. But if it was easy, then everyone would do it, right?

I am glad you posted this, it's nice to know that these are common feelings and not to jump to an assumption that this is the wrong choice!

I am sure we have all considered the option of quitting!

Good luck on your viva!


When I first started my PhD I used to think that the people who were in the final stages of their PhD and discussed how lonely, depressing and frustrating process it was were being unnecessarily pessimistic. Now being in the final stages of writing up - I have to submit by the end of March - I totally agree with everything Donzy says!

How long til you submit Donzy?


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Thanks for coming back with some rays of optimism, donzy! Best of luck with your viva. :)