PhD Holidays Question


I'm hoping to start a PhD in September (in the UK) and I'm just trying to get an overall picture of what a PhD is really like. Hopefully my question isn't too silly.

Do PhD students get similar holidays to undergraduate students or is it more like actual employment, in the sense that you get allocated a certain number of holidays which you can book off? How does it work?



its more like a job that you get a stated amount of holidays that you can take

In fairness you get a ridiculous amount of holidays, but I've yet to meet a PhD student that takes them all - it would be very disruptive to your research

most folk opt for a couple of 1-2 week holidays per year (in my expereince)


Thanks for clearing that up


5 weeks where I am; but like sjo4 said, hardly anyone seems to take all that.


EPSRC recommend 6-8 weeks holidays a year. There is a reason for this; You need time off as you will burn out without it.


Depends what Uni and what your supervisor is like. At Reading I took holiday off as / when I felt like it... I didn't do anything 'formal', just informed my supervisor not to expect me in on the following dates...

I think I took about 4 weeks a year... however did tend to go home early on Fridays etc..