Phd In Civil engineering


Myself Badri Mahesh doing my Masters in IIT DELHI (INDIA) with Construction management as my specialization. I am in final year now and new to this site ,I really don't know where and when to start about regarding PhD applying process .. I am interested to pursue my PhD In Research field of "Cement and Concrete duarbility" can u please suggest me how to kick start ...?? Can any one help me out .......??????

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First of all I would like to appreciate your thought of pursuing a PhD, but I really doubt if you could find a suitable institute other than IIT's or NIT's for your PhD.
Alternatively, I have heard about a new Institute, RICSSBE (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), with its affiliation to the Amity University,they have set up a Campus in Noida, which offers PhD in construction related fields.
You may want to check their website for more information :-

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I would like to do PhD in civil engineering but i don't have any ideas about it's colleges or university. Can anyone suggest me any suitable colleges?


Hi Anny! You should consider any universities in the UK because the opportunities for women in engineering these days are incredible! As a woman you can access plenty of funding e.g. and careers opportunites are subject to gender equality schemes like Athena SWAN, so you can be sure of every chance to make it to the top.

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Oh - make sure the university you choose has signed up to the Athena SWAN Charter. A few are still in the dark ages, but these universities will find it hard to survive when their funding is cut off (ouch!), as the NIHR make very clear Check with the university's Equality Office if you need any help.


Heyy Anne,
Where are you located..?
If in Europe, as discussed earlier, you can try for RICS, they offer management careers in streams related to Civil and Construction.
If in India, RICS has set up a campus in Noida with affiliation to Amity University.
They also offer a PhD in these streams.
You can check their website for more details