PhD in distance learning?


Hello everyone. I have a question for anyone who has been/is a long-distance student. I have just finished my PhD and got a letter confirming my award today but was a bit surprised that it read "Doctor of Philosophy in DL in ML PT". DL (Distance learning), ML (Modern Languages) and PT (part-time). When I started the course I was full time and on campus and later moved away for my field work and writing up. I was under the impression that I wasn't "distance learning" officially. My questions are: does anyone else have this written on their official qualification? Does it actually matter (I'm a bit worried it makes it look less serious...) and do I always have to specify that it is PT and DL? And in any case, doesn't the wording sound wrong? It makes it sound as if I am studying distance learning. Or am I reading too much into it and I should just be happy?!


I don't think it will matter, but I agree it is very odd. Mine just says PhD in Biological Sciences, from what I can remember (I was FT on campus). It shouldn't make any difference whether you did a PhD FT or PT, a PhD is a PhD.

I would query it and see what they say. But this is only your letter yes? So it probably won't say that on your actual certificate that you get after graduation, but you could check this as well.


I was a PT and DL student, but it is not written on my certificate. It was not written on the confirmation letter either.
If I were you, I would ask about whether it would be on the certificate, eventhough I don't think it matters

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I was a distance learning student at two different universities and on neither's certificates is "DL" mentioned.


Just to update - this was actually a mistake and the University reissued my certificate with the correct wording (without mentioning DL or PT!)