PhD in Germany


I am interested in doing a PhD in Germany in the area of Family Business Management. However, the schools that offer this area in management are limited worldwide.

I'm interested in knowing whether Germany makes sense and what my funding options are.

Is it possible to get a scholarship from a government run body as well as get a stipend for a research assistantship?


This is predominantly a UK based forum. You'd be better advised to find the German equivalent.


funding in germany is very rare and difficult to get. on the other hand, living costs are cheap and fees are very low. most people study part-time (unless parents help out) and have a job on the side.


Hi prernakapoor,

in the German newpapers there are regular advertisments for PhD / post doc positions, these are funded and I think there is quite fierce competion.
If you are self funded I think it is a lot easier: seeems just a matter of contacting the particular university.

Kind regards