PhD opportunities


Hi, I am a graduate from a UK university but an international student which is why I do not have the required residency eligibility for applying to most of the PhD positions in the UK. Whatever applications I have made, I am yet to make it to even an interview call. Its been more than 6 months now and I am quite frustrated as I am not sure where the problem is. I did approach one of my professors to ask if my CV was not competent enough, but was told that it is not the CV which is a problem but funding. If thats the case, I should have been atleast called for an interview for one of the applications? Can anyone think of a reason why I have not been able to get a call yet? I am simply out of reasons, so hoping someone can guide me!!


Most PhD funding is ONLY for domestic/EU students in which case there would beno point interviewing you, unfortunately. Are you able to self-fund? In that case, yes, you should get an interview.