PhD or job?? Help


Quote From chrisrolinski:

I can't imagine not having the degrees now - but if I coud choose again, I would choose the job.

I really think it is all about the ride the destination is undetermined, if you enjoy or think you will enjoy the ride then the destination is something you can address again when it comes about, before you go for another ride of course! Who is to say that the destination will be in a place or country you think it will! The thought of working in some rat race instead of funded study makes me sick tbh, after I finish the PhD as far as I know I'll become a comedian in Jamaica.

As other people have said do what makes you happy! But don't dismiss or take the journey for granted


I'm surprised that DanB is the only one to suggest what seems to be the best solution to a work vs PhD dilemma - part-time study. I'd recommend that you take the NHS job and do a PhD on the side. Best of both worlds - rat race career, money etc + a higher calling - a long-term project to aspire to and work towards that keeps your mind sharp and sets you above your fellow corporate drones. Make it clear to your boss that your PhD is a side-hobby that will not affect your office work, and you'd be surprised how supportive many employers can be.

I'm about 24 months into what will be a 72-month PhD and still loving it - progress is slow and I work on my project in stops and starts, but it's starting to take shape and I'm confident that I'll get there in the end, just in twice the time a full-time student would take. Meanwhile, I'm working full-time and don't feel racked with worry about delaying my entry into the workforce or financial problems... just last week I bought my first home :) The real reward of this double-life, though, is having this wonderful side-project to work towards, quietly setting me apart from the wage-slaves who are driven only by their careers.


what did happen in the end Freddy25 and how do you feel now about the choice you made?