PHD Parents - nursery advice


Hi all,
I was wondering what help any of you with little people get in funding nursery places for them? It seems that g'ment help isn't relevant for me as both my husband and I are PhDers (so tax credits are no use)..... Has anyone had University help? My University theoretically offers help for full-time places for babies in their own nursery, but I was hoping not to have to put my little one in private nursery care on such a basis (we have family help for a couple of days a week).
Any advice would be really useful, none of the benefits entitlement calculators work for our circumstances so it's hard to know what I am / am not entitled to for my little family.
Many thanks in advance.


Hi Pamplemousse - I'm afraid I have no advice on this one, just wanted to say great news about your baby! :-)


Thank you!! We're really happy, 'cept (so-called) 'morning' sickness is a killer for productivity!


You'd be entitled to child tax credit, but not working tax credit, from what I can gather.

Do you work at all - even just demonstrating a few hours per week? You could possibly see about things like income support. Universities vary wildly in terms of the help they offer student parents so go and see your student support section, they will be able to advise you of what is available from the Uni and whether you qualify/how to apply. Regarding full time vs part time places - if the help is substantial enough, you could always just take a full time place and not use every day. You would have to obviously do the financial calculations on that one.

I would visit the Citizen's Advice Bureau or Job Centre for benefits advice to make sure you're getting everything you're qualified for. You're going to need it all! Congratulations :-)