PhD rejection change mind



Last summer, I was offered a Ph.D. position at a famous University, but unfortunately, while initially I accepted it, then I had to reject it due to significant family circumstances that I explained to my potential supervisor and they understood (at least that's how I understood).

Until last December (2021) the position had not been filled by another candidate (curious about this), and the position re-advertised the same month.

I contacted the supervisor, if could I apply again for this position, and they told me that of course I can, once again.

Do you believe that I have possibilities to acquire again the position or the behaviour that I showed will play a significant factor to reject me?
I'm so anxious about this, because ever since I wanted such a position, and the time that came, life circumstances did not permit it.

I would appreciate any response!

Thank you!

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Hi kavourakos,

Honestly, if I was the PI, I wouldn't hold it against you. You dropped out initially in a professional and respectful manner for a legitimate reason. As long as you can explain why that reason won't cause you to drop out again, I don't think it will cause any issues at all. The PI is a person too and should understand life isn't perfect.