PhD results & conclusions trivial?


Dear All,

I am right now writing the last two chapters of my thesis. But the further I go, the more trivial it all seems to me.... and I fear it might not be worth a PhD! Has anyone gone trough these feelings?



if it adds to the body of knowledge it will not be trivial. I've been thinking about this since I started, but then whenever I've had to write anything I always have doubts, I don't think it is unusual . :-)


Oh yeah! I have 180 degrees turns about the situation - on good days I think this isn't so bad I can do it but then on other days I think, what am I going to write about and is this going to get a PhD? I think my analysis will be too simplistic and that I won't have really answered my question. I also worry I won't have done it properly and that I will be just glossing over things which they will find out about at the viva! I also worry that I don't know enough about the topic! And what is this actually going to show? Is it going to be of use to anyone? I mean in the whole scheme of things it's pretty irrelevant! Yeah I have those feelings too and I've have only written up the easy bits so far! Not sure what that says for the rest of the thesis!

But I guess it's just our way of questioning ourselves as we have looked at it so much and been so focused on it that you can't see the point of it anymore! I think if we had a pair of fresh eyes it would look different! Good luck for the last few chapters! You just need to give it that extra little bit of juice and then it's done and you don't have to look at it again!! Hopefully not for a while anyway so you can get a good break and come back with a different perspective!! ;-)