PhD Students Required for Research on PhD Students


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Hello -

Below is a link to an important research project concerning PhD students and the many challenges you face completing your doctorate. There are only a few simple questions to answer and your input is extremely valuable to the project. Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi there,

Tried to do your survey but the link doesnt work



Takes me to the survey (and one many of use would like to complete I imagine!).


Here is the ENTIRE link. Sorry about that!


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I had a look but some of the questions aren't really applicable as I do not have a 'chairperson' or 'committee members'. I assume this is since it is an American study. So are you looking at the experiences of students worldwide? This sounds quite difficult to me since PhDs are structured differently in different countries.


Heidi, you might have more luck on the Chronicle forums. Are you looking for student experiences outside the US?