PhD suitable for surgeons


I am a surgical trainee with my MRCS qualification. I am looking for a PhD project suitable for a career in surgery. is there any way how to find a project. the other question is how to find out if a supervisor if good or not.
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You can gauge each professors' number of grants, publications and patents etc. This is not a sure-fire indicator though.

Also might be worth contacting any potential professors' students to find out what he/she is like as a supervisor.

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Thank you very much for your prompt response to my query friendly face


Hi Amir

My advice is to try and find something that plays to your strengths

I work with a medical registrar who is also a surgeon (doing MD), he's great at dissections etc so is quite handy for me as a scientist to work with.

Go for something as clinical as possible would be my advice, e.g working with donor human tissue e.g tumour biopsies or whatever happens to be relevant to your branch of surgery would be the best policy. This should give you the edge over other candidates as you have your surgical experience.

Good luck


Btw, on the supervisor issue, best thing is to talk to people who have worked for your potential supervisor in the past, even the most published proffessors etc are not essentially the best supervisors. For a start they may hardly ever be there due to conferences etc and they may be quite hard on their students to try and get the most out of them.