PhD thesis outcome after resubmission


I have completed 10 weeks since I resubmission thesis. I haven’t hear anything from the examiners or postgraduate office. This drive me to stress and anxiety.
It should be examiners let me know there is a second Viva or not?!! Is I correct?
Could I fail?!!
Please advise me.

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Hi Hade,

That sounds stressful, I sympathise with you.
I thought only your viva committee can fail you and that they have to give you a second viva if you resubmitted on time. I would not consider the wait as a sign of failing but more administrative incompetence. Arranging a viva date and getting academics to read your thesis can be difficult even before covid. 10 weeks is on the long side for a viva date but not uncommon.
You can also ask your supervisor if they know what is delaying your viva. Or consult your postgraduate student handbook or constant the SU about your university rules.


Hi Rewt
Thanks for your reply and your sympathy.
I did Viva in March 2020 and outcome was referral for resubmission of the thesis for the same degree up to 12 months. I corrected all examiners’ notes. My supervisor agreed of my work before submission on March 2021.

I am going to ask my supervisor about this delay.


Hi Hade,
What is your uni policy on how long exminer can take- mine was 8 weeks, i know others that were 12. Bare in mind its also exam season, so many exmainer have duties to get done before reading you thesis.
Why dont you ask the PG office if there is an update or when can you expect to hear.


Hi all,
The policy of university mentions that review the first submit of thesis would take up to 3 months and in some case up to 6 months, but the resubmission hove not mention how long would take.
The PG office said the examiners team haven’t finished review my thesis yet.

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A resubmission should follow the same timeline/procedure as your first as it is a re-submission. It would really surprise me if the process was different the second time around.

Also, if the PG office said the examiners haven't finished yet, indicates that they at least have it and you haven't been desk rejected by some admin. I can understand how frustrating it can be waiting but 10 weeks (or is now 11?) but it is not that long. My university specifically says that it will take a minimum of 12 weeks to review.