PhD Viva Presentation


I will be having my PhD viva in about 5 weeks and have been asked to prepare a presentation on my research. I have a couple of questions:

1. Should I use I or we when presenting? I did the work, but I generally use we to include supervisors as the group who did the work.

2. Would you include the acknowledgements (mainly funding bodies and the other institutions where I did work) at the end of the presentation?

3. Any more suggestions? I have tried to focus on the story of my thesis rather than go into results because the examiners should have seen the thesis and otherwise it would take too long.



Ooh exciting - not too long to wait now then.
I would get use to saying 'I' - it is your research thesis.
I would put the logos of your funders/associated bodies on the front slide of your presentation.
Bear in mind that the audience may not have seen your thesis - in my dept these presentations are open to all staff! so you will need to do a level of explanation -
good luck!


Thank you...I will work on the I. Re the open presentations: in my uni it will be just my examiners, supervisors the chair and myself. So they should have read the thesis (hopefully)


I did a 5 minute presentation at the start of my viva. I would have preferred more but five mins was all that I was allowed. I used 'I' throughout but then mine was a solo project. I put my funding body on the title slide as per a conference presentation and let that be enough - I didn't directly refer to it.

Ailicec, I think you are studying in the same region as me although at a different uni - you come up on my LinkedIn page!). If you want to pm me I am happy to share the 'gory' details!! Actually they weren't too gory and the presentation worked in that it got me speaking at the start. Whether it really added anything extra to the viva itself I am less convinced about. My external examiner said he enjoyed it and that it was first for him to have a presentation at a viva so that was a good talking point!

Best of luck with it


Thank you for your comments and sorry for the delay but I took a couple days off :) Now the preparations start in full blast mode. Thanks again