PhD Working Week


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Hi everyone,

I have recently been offered a Research Studentship MPhil to PhD by a Uni in Wales and I am currently awaiting my start date. I assumed that as a PhD student I would be spending most of my time on my studies however having spoken to my Mentor she has said that I will be used very much by the staff in the department i.e. carrying out research for them and any other duties that may be required. I have been told that it will be 9-5 which i was expecting but I just wanted to check what other people's experiences were on a PhD studentship. The uni haven't been great at giving me much information so I feel rather anxious about what to expect!

Thank you :-)



Congrats on getting a place!

Where I am we are expected to do at least 9-5 during the working week and attendance at meetings and research seminars is compulsory as is a bit of teaching but saying that the priority is on phd work. We are not supposed to do so much teaching that it stops us making progress. Also we are advised to get all the training and teaching out of the way in the first two years so that we can concentrate fully on completing in the 3rd year. Some of 'the 2nd and 3rd years have additional research projects that run alongside their phd projects but these are the ones that wanted to increase their research profiles they weren't made to do it.

Prior to being a phd student I used to do postgrad admin for two different unis and I've never really heard of students doing stuff for other people unless it's something that would directly benefit their development - eg sometimes a supervisor would pass on their invitations to talk or to review books to their students to give them experience of doing this.

Every uni is different I guess and it depends on what you'll be doing. If you're working on other projects then that'll be great additional experience and add to your cv. You'll have to make sure you get enough time to do your own work too.

Good luck with your new place and enjoy!