Please, help me with the motivation letter


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Hello, could somebody please help me with the letter of motivation. I am applying to the Royal arts academy of The Hague interior architecture Masters program called "Inside".

These are the questions I need to answer in my letter:
why do you want to enter the Master programme?
why are you interested?
what will be your contribution to the Master programme?
and what according to you is Design for the Real World?

I think I haven't really covered the part about my contribution to the program....But I am not sure how to answer that. And I know I am not that good with words. Plus, english isn't my native language...

So, please, help me. If anyone has any remarks or coments, any kind of help will be appreciated. Do you think it's enough information or maybe too much of it? And does it seem to answer all of the given questions? Also if you notice any grammar mistakes, let me know.

Thank you for taking your time to do this.


Here's the letter:

I graduated from Vilnius Arts Academy with a Bachelors degree in architecture in 2010. Ever since I’ve been looking for a Masters program I could really relate to. “Inside” seems to be exactly what I have been looking for and believe my architectural background and my passions make me an ideal candidate for this program.

I like art. I have always been into it. I grew up in a family of artists (grandfather – musician and sculptor, parents – both graduates of arts academy). No surprise, I involved myself into the art world as well. I have always liked drawing, creating things, making unique accessories, clothes, even furniture. I loved Lego, constructing and decorating things, doing all sorts of creative activities.

At the same time I have always enjoyed mathematics and geometry. I’ve loved playing chess and other strategic games. I have developed not only artistic skills and vivid imagination but also a strong rational, analytical thinking and logical mind. That is why I chose architecture as my path – it combined both of my passions – creativity and logic, and in my opinion, these are the most important qualities for a good designer and architect.
During the study years I’ve managed to combine and improve my creative and logic sides and find a perfect balance between them in order to become a good designer. Studying architecture allowed me to reveal and develop my best traits and talents and improve my skills not only as an artist but also as a person. I am 100% sure that this is what I need to do in my life. I love working with spaces, colors, forms, textures, all in order to come up with the best designs. Though I have found myself always being more interested into inner spaces rather than outside.
The inside of every building is always much more exciting for me, it is closer to people and has a much more direct effect on them than the outside. It plays a huge role in everyday life of every human. Which is why I find it so fascinating to create it.

During my four years of studying I improved not only my designing skills, but I also learned to work hard, focus and concentrate and balance my time and priorities in order to achieve my goals.

Now having a background of architecture and urban studies and strong personal traits needed for this career I am ready to take the next step and embark on the interior design. My architectural background also allows me to approach interior designing from a different angle. I know how important every detail can be, but I also know how to look at everything from a further distance and evaluate the context and I understand the importance of it. I see a design project not as an opportunity to reveal my artistic talents but more as a possibility to solve the problems and attend the needs of human and the environment. Though I am not saying “form follows function” – in my designs they always go side by side. And I think a great design is the one which helps people or the environment, improves it or fixes a problem and does it in a very tasteful and original way. That is always the goal of my designs and that’s what I think is Design for the Real World.

Interior architecture is the path I want to go. I know it is the right path for me and I know that with my background, skills and passions I am well prepared for it. I wish to study “Inside”, to deepen my knowledge and improve my skills even more, to get more experience and achieve a Masters degree before taking a next step into my career. I feel that I am very well suited for this program and I have the keen interest and dedication as well as passion and a strong background which I believe will lead me to achieve brilliant results at your academy.

Thank you for considering my application.


Hi Vaidute,

I know this refers to PhDs, but might be of some help?


thank's definitely worth looking at