Post-Conference Jetlag


Hi all,

Four days ago, I returned from a conference in west-coast USA (a hard life, I know). Anyway, I'm still suffering from really bad insomnia, only sleeping 4 hours a night, dropping off at about 3.30am-ish, despite going to bed by about 11.30pm. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how long did it take to pass, and do you have any tips for getting over it? Right now I feel rather rough!


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I haven't but I have had a number of sleepless nights in my time through stress which has mucked my internal body clock up. I'd say you need to ride it out really, but try not to sleep during the day if you can help it as you'll just make it worse. I'd set an alarm for 6am no matter what time I fell alseep, then force myself to get up and work, get plenty of exercise, try not to drink too much caffeine (and none at all after about 5pm) and go to bed at a reasonable hour, read before bed, don't watch TV. It helps if you work from home though and you don't have to commute anywhere. I feel for you, I hate not sleeping! Try not to stress about it though - you will get back into a normal routine eventually! If you keep getting up at 6am you'll eventually be so knackered that you shouldn't have any problems falling asleep!

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I returned from a west-coast US conference a few weeks ago - tbh I was fine - I slept on the plane home and managed to slip right back into UK time - until 4 days later when I just crashed in exhaustion!

I don't really know what to suggest, maybe just regulate your meal times so they are 'normal' times (i.e. not 11pm) and try and get into the sun during the day to make sure your body knows its day time/night time - get a black out blind!


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