Post-doctoral life - research and fellowship?


when you're finished your phd, Ive heard you have to do:
-2 years of research before you get a permenant job, lecturing?

does anyone know what a fellowship is? what it entails


would you really need experience teaching in many universities or just one?


Can I actually ask you a question, it seems like you're really stressed about your masters.

my advice would be to not worry about phd, fellowship etc. until you get through your masters. concentrate on the task at hand, and then deal with the rest. it will all fall into place.

and ask yourself why you really want to do a phd.

focus on your masters, and get that done. trust me, when you look too far into the future, it can really stress you out.


it's fine gathering an idea on what the future holds to make a decision. but it seems like you're really stressed at the moment regarding your masters. is the reason your asking all these questions a way to figure out whether you want to finish your masters at all?


I tend to agree. These are all things you need to think about at some point in the future - probably not now though. If you're struggling with a Masters, thats where you priority should be.


I think you're all right, and this kind of info I suspect would be fairly accessible when you come to need it.
I don't think it's helpful to have firm expectations of years before X anyway, as it's highly variable between and within disciplines.


You're most definitely looking too far ahead! There is no guarantee that we will all pass our PhDs, for instance! I think you're stressing yourself unnecessarily at this point in the game, seeing as you're still working on your Masters. Just focus on trying to pass your MA and take it from there.