Postdoc funding


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Hi folks,

I'd like to ask for some help with some funding dilemmas. I'm not sure how it all works so I'd appreciate your thoughts on this:

1) Do you apply to lots of different funding sources for one project that you'd really like to do?
2) Apply to lots of funding sources to work with different people on separate projects?
3) Am I worrying about minor details and none of this really matters?

I have even included a poll for fun! ;-)

I'd also like to know if I should tell the potential academics that I am also working on other proposals as it's a small field so I think they'll find out. I don't want them to think I am being devious and not being open. They are for different sources of funding so it shouldn't matter as there won't be any overlap in that respect. I know that in the current climate it'll be even harder to get funding that it is usually so I want to increase my chances.

Thanks very much,
Doodles :p


Interesting question, I would also like to know the answer to this. I don't think there is any harm in applying for several projects and different funding sources. You don't want to limit yourself or miss an opportunity, particularly in this economic gloom. Most academics/potential supervisors understand this, and would hopefully not take it personally.
Personally, I have only applied for one funding project in the EU under my chosen supervisor, and I am certain (knowing my field) that this is my best option. I am also re-applying for some research funding, I was offered some university funding to start off with, but that has run out completely. It really depends on the field that you are in and how well you network. It also depends where you apply as well, I have noticed differences in the UK vs EU funding.
Good luck with your funding proposals!!