Postdoc Interview Presentation


The good new is I have got an interview for a postdoc job! The bad news is I have to give a 30 minute presentation! Has anyone got any tips?

I've done numerous conference talks perviously and a couple of interviews, so I have experience giving presentations etc This one just seems a bit long for an interview (the ones I've done before have been 15-20mins). The brief for this is my 'most recent research, preferably focusing on that most relavent to the post'.

This gives me a bit of a problem, the post focuses on building equipment, something I do have experience with. The problem being my experience was gained on a short project which ran out of funding. I was able to build the equipment, test it and get some preliminary results, but was never able to get 'useful results' or publications from it due to a lack of funding. I could talk about this in my presentation but it is a story that finishes part way through rather than having a natural conclusion. I did all I was asked (and more) in the project, but I am still worried that presenting such a negative outcome in an interview reflects badly on me. However not presenting this work which is most relavent to the job could also damage my chances. Has anyone been in a similar position? My thoughts are to talk about this and something else which has a 'happier' ending, to try and balance things out and get the best of both.

The other thing is what do people consider to be the appropriate format for these types of presentation? Should I include and 'about me' or 'my background' discussion at the start? Also what is the appropriate way to end such a presentation?




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It is really hard to make a business presentation. You need to do intensive research in order to learn anything and everything about that certain topic. You need to gather information about the do's and don't s to make it effective.