you really present it or hide behind it?


I decided to open this thread as i soon have to present a poster once again.The problem is I always have problems on how to start talking to people about my poster. I think I am quite good at making nice posters and then I panick when I have to present them which is a real shame as all my hard work goes wasted. So my question is how do you aproach people and how you encourage them to discuss about your work? What do you do when people pass by and look interested?


Hi Joanna,

I have never presented a poster, yet have been to several conferences and have had chat with authors of posters. I do not think it is something to be too worried about.

My experience, as the person reading a poster, is that often the author comes to you and says something like: "What do you think regarding the subject? Do you want me to provide some background information? Have you got any questions?" etc. Then, naturally, a conversation follows. As the person reading the stuff one does not have all the information, therefore it is helpful if the author can explain things. As such not a big deal and actually quite pleasant if the author is happy to explain things.

Sometimes no author comes forward, and I have never thought anything about that. I do not know whether the author may be secretly hiding and checking whether they want to talk to you or not. Again as the person reading it, I have never really thought more about it and then just went to the next poster or got myself a cup of coffee!:-)


Hi Joanna, Don't worry too much about 'presenting' the work as the poster should speak for itself. When I have presented posters, I was always to one side incase people wanted to ask questions and discuss the work, but didn't just jump in to tell them all about it (worried that might scare them away!). I have had some interesting conversations about mine and their related work which has given me extra things to consider. Additionally, a really helpful researcher gave me a reference to a complicated equation that has since helped with the data analysis!
I have also been on the other side of the poster and have found it rather annoying when I am reading the 'small print' to have someone telling me about it at the same time. I like to be able to read and consider my thoughts before discussing the work. You will have people just wandering by and you are not expected to reel them in as an audience! The posters are usually advertised prior to the display so people generally aim for the ones of high interest first and afterwards wander around the others.
Good luck and enjoy (up)


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ok thank u both. i think i will try to enjoy it as much as possible and maybe i have some helpful comments from people too this time.(up)