Pregnant and considering PhD


I've seen a PhD I'm keen to apply for, I have been keeping an eye for some time and made enquiries about previous ones but none seemed such a good fit. This one very much matches my clinical experience.

The potential issue is I am pregnant and due to give birth in July to my second child. The PhD starts in October this year.

What I'm wondering is how feasible it would be to start a PhD with a 3 month old baby? I will also be receiving mat pay from my NHS job, anyone know if this is not allowed for any reason? Can't find anything to suggest it would be an issue.

So, experience of PhD with young children would be greatly appreciated including encouragement or cautionary tales.


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Congragulations on your baby!
I don't have any first hand experience but worked with a PhD student who had a baby during her PhD (and passed). Generally PhDs are very flexible and most supervisors don't care when or where you work, as long as you can get the work done. I would say most supervisors are somewhat understanding and you will have strong university protections if not. So there shouldn't be any major issues.