Presentation at Studentship Interview


I have been writing my thesis (on sports history) since January last year, part time (I work four days a week). I now have an interview at the university at which I am already registered for a studentship. This would allow me to finally leave my job and go full time in the Autumn. The reason I am posting on here is that the interview needs to include a 10 minute presentation on my thesis. Does anyone els have experience of this? I only ever gave one presentation as an undergrad so I am somewhat nervous!!


presentations are standard for all academic interviews. Get used to it now, you'll be doing them for your entire career. Ten minutes is really short so no need to panic. Just tell them about your research - all the usual stuff rationale, methods etc. You'll be fine!



Have you got anyone you can practice on? This will help with timing, the clarity of your slides (if using) and any areas that you don't explain well.

Good luck!


Aim for as few slides as possible with as little text as possible.

Remember this is YOUR work and no one knows it better than you. They just want to make sure you know what you are talking about and have made progress. They want to make sure they wont be wasting money on you.

10 minutes is not a long time and it will be over before you know it. Plan what you want to say and practise! Try to keep to 10 minutes to be professional and practising will make sure you don't ramble on.

Good luck!


I had to give a 10-minute presentation of my proposed project - on the phone (phone interview). I have presented my previous work (which is related) several times already so I wasn't too nervous about it. I had written a project proposal already, so I shortened that and then presented it.