Presenting article at both conference and journal


Hi there,

I am working in these days to write an article for a national conference in Italy.
This would be Italian-language based, and part of my article would present the preliminary data of a perceptual study that I have made.

At the same time, I am writing an article of the sole perceptual study for an international journal with a deeper analysis, to reach a wider audience. Is it possible or are there problems of copyright/self-plagiarism? I would submit the article for the conference first. Or should I choose either one or the other?

The contents of the two articles would not be completely the same, as the conference's one would be more focused on presenting a theory, while the journal's one would be more focused at describing the results of the perceptual study.


Gerard Ridgway (Uni Oxford), states the following in this link:

"However, for conference papers (not just abstracts) that are long and/or indexed in respected databases (e.g. the proceedings of MICCAI and IPMI are unusual among conferences in my field in that their papers are indexed in PubMed) subsequent journal submissions are expected to (a) cite the conference paper and (b) explain clearly how they extend it. See e.g. the section "Submitting a published conference paper" here - "

Do you think it usually work as a "yes" but you have to explain how the new paper extends the conference proceedings?


Hi lucedan,

I've presented a study of mine at a conference, and very recently, submitted the same study as a journal paper. The conference presentation mirrored the journal paper. I do not think this will be an issue, since most of the time, conferences are for networking and getting constructive feedback, than anything else. It is a good idea to submit your paper to the conference first.

However, it would not hurt to confirm with your supervisor (if you have one), with the conference itself or simply people you may know who have gone through this before, just to be sure.


Hey Lucedan,

It's fine. It's quite common for established scholars to shape a conference paper into an article. As Bloop pointed out, the feedback from the conference may help strengthen the article (and know what critique you'll have to 'fend off' in the editorial review process!). Some articles even have a short acknowledgement, stating that this article was developed from a presentation at ___. (The self-plagiarism only comes in if you hit the plagiarism limit, which is basically copy-and-paste 6+words in a row, it's fine to re-write the paper in order to extend it into an article). However, if the conference paper is never officially 'published' in a set of conference proceedings (and you remove it from any online submission), I would think it's okay to put sections directly into an article, because it's not 'published' anywhere else.