presinting first year progression report (PHD)


I’ve been requested to present first year progression report (PHD). I’m wondering if anyone has a draft that can be used.



I have mine due in (called a major review at my institution) at the end of January, should be end of year one but as I am part time it is year two. We have a suggested format although we can change it if we like. I am very happy to share the template if it would help but would suggest you see if you have something at your Uni first.


Thanks Dafydd, There is no templates and restrictions im my school this is why im looking for templates in order to see how other people presented their work.



I had mine earlier this week, and it went fine. Different unis have different regulations, so you need to find out exactly what's needed. I had to give six different documents. One of them was the report, that was something alone 1. intro 2. Lit review (2.1, 2.2 etc) 3. Aims and Objectives 4. Methodology (4.1, 4.2 etc). Also, these subsections also depend heavily on discipline ... And of couse, sort out your references. They want to see a structured piece of work, with very clear research question.

I also had to give a presentation, which I kept very simple. I started with a *very* short introduction (1 slide), then I set out my research aims and objectives (1 slide), then I summarised my lit review...divided it in 3 sections, and give 3-5 slides per section. In methodology, I didn't go into detail; very briefly the parameters I measure, then a time plan for the remaining period. I didn't present any results.

Good luck


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Thanks for sharing that, Dr. Jeckyll, I won't have to give mine for a while, but is useful to hear how someone else did it. :)


thanks DrJeckyll, helpful


The format in our dept was: 1. Introduction/Literature Review 2. Methodology 3. Results (either actual or anticipated) 4. Anticipated Progression Deadline 5. References.

We did not have to give presentations but were given a viva-type Q&A session with a panel who did not consist of our own supervisors.