prof treating as technician and delaying PhD


Current status: 4th year of full time PhD in clinical pathology
Scenario: prof treating as technician and delaying PhD

Research progress :
In my view: although i am a average researcher but i have given many good results to my supervisor. Even if i get 50-60% of that work, i can fillfull the gaps within this year and graduate.
In my prof 's view: as he has designed all those experiments (for almost all my research accomplishment in past 3years). As phd student i must design on my own and only that i can put in my phd thesis.
Prof's expectations: yesterday he asked me to work on proteomic side (i have limited knowledge can only clone n express proteins nd mutant proteins) and design my knock out mouse experiments. This all will take another 2 years atleast (if i am lucky enough)
Prof's remarks: you will get your degree when you will finish your work

Financial problems: Since last year, i am getting half the promised stipend. this year our lab moved to another city the living expenses are 3 times more expensive than the previous place. My parents are partially supporting me financially.

Can i be deprived off all the research work i have done, just because i have not designed the project at first place?????