Publishing during the PhD inquiries.


I am in need of some wise advice from senior PhD students. What would be acceptable while publishing?

Is co-authoring your mentor on invited papers good?
I have been told that I need to stick with my supervisor on papers and that I should prefer not to publish independently. Is that right?

What are your recommendations, advice and tips regarding publishing ?

Thanks !!


I think most PhD students publish with their supervisors and only publish without them after their PhD.

If you got an invited paper, presumably that would be off the back of something you already published, either with or without your supervisors. I think that would be ok to take on that paper alone, as long as you didn't need your supervisor's input for anything.

If you sought to publish something outside of your PhD work, then technically that's ok to do that without your supervisors but they might say they are paying your to work on your PhD, not to write random articles.


I just published (sole author) in a very decent journal and I am about 3 months out from submitting (3rd year) so it is doable without supervisor co-author. However my thesis format is "PhD incorporating publishable papers" so I am trying to get all 4 of my thesis "papers" published by end of year.

HOWEVER, my colleague, also published like a week before her Viva (same supervisor) sole author. So it is doable (and recommended) if you plan on doing a postdoc or shooting straight for a lectureship. Teaching fellowships don't require publications.

Having said all of that, allow for exceptions to the rule. The only downside I can think of publishing with a supervisor is that if they are not the go-getter type, I assume that whole exercise might be like pulling teeth.

*Disclaimer* While I did sole author my paper, both of my supervisors proof read + commented on it 4-5 times (4-5 drafts) before they agreed to let me start submitting to journals.