Publishing from a theoretical monograph (humanities)


I'm about half-way through a humanities PhD. I'm writing a theoretical monograph.

1. I want to start publishing but am struggling to work out how: my research builds through my chapters (meaning their individual full value only becomes clear at the end) and does not include any novel empirical research (although it refers to the studies of others). I also haven't yet reached my final conclusion, so can't even use this.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? What did you do?

2. I'm aware of how long it takes to get anything published (or even hear that an article isn't going to be published). Did others work on multiple papers to up the odds? Or just focus on one and wait for an answer?

3. I have an MA dissertation which got a very good grade, based on long-form interviews. This was 2+ years ago now though so I'm presuming this data is out of date if I wanted to convert it into a new paper?

I'd be grateful for advice: my situation is a little unique so I don't really have contacts in real-life to ask.