QR codes for poster presentations?


Hello all,

I have my first conference poster presentation coming up shortly. I've heard that placing a QR code on your poster (that links to an online version of the poster) is a good idea, although no one I have spoken to has done this, and I'm not sure I've seen many myself.

It seems like a good way of directing interested people to your work, but it completely depends on people having QR code readers on their phones.

Does anyone have any experience in using them, or seen them being used?



Not that I've noticed, but then I'm not really one for this kind of thing.

I just take photos of posters I'm interested in, or email the authors and ask for more info.


I used one on my poster for the poster event but it linked to a survey rather than a copy of my poster. It didn't lead to anything but some people thought it was quite innovative on the day as it wasn't that common.


Thanks both for your replies. I'm getting the feeling the conference world isn't quite ready for QR codes yet!


I kind of feel like QR codes are kind of over before they started...