Qualitative diss. tense (help please!)


Hi All,

I have a dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway lol. I'm not sure about the tense to use when referring to participants' comments. For example, in my analytical chapters should I use: a) Sara states, contends, argues, etc.....OR
b) Sarah revealed that, shared, expressed, etc....
Please, any ideas would be helpful.



I have been told by my sup to use past tense throughout my research (methodology and findings etc). My thesis is also qualitative so I have used 'participants stated/revealed etc'.


Hi Button,

Thanks for the reply! You know, When I started to write, it was in the past tense. Halfway through, I noticed that some of the points sounded better in present tense. Now, I have past and present tense in the chapters :p.... I just wanted to see how others were approaching it. I'll stick with the past tense and keep it consistent.



Well, I' ve been told by my sups to use whichever tense I like but to use only one throughout the thesis....

I prefer present tense.....so, my participants state, argue etc