Quants people - presenting loads of models


Hi there quants folks

Is there a way to present loads of regression model results on a couple of slides? I'm talking about 25 or so... How would you normally do this?



I'm not sure I would to be honest.

Is there a reason why you need to show them all? Do they all add something?

In the past, I've just shown the final or most relevant models and put extra slides at the end in case they were needed. But to be fair, I've never had that many. Can you think of it as in which figures/tables would you include in a paper since they're normally limited in the amount you can include?


Yeh I don't really get it either... It's some preliminary analyses I'm doing for someone else and they've kind of directed me as to what they wanted me to do and then asked me to present it. I've checked with them for clarification now. Maybe they didn't mean separate models for each predictor but rather all the predictors in the same model (for each outcome). That would make more sense.

Good advice re what is normally in a paper. Thanks : )