Querries Regarding phD life in Abroad


hi Friends this is saranya,and iam a current student of MS Pharmaciology And Toxicology and Presently Doing MY 3rd Semester,actually iwant to do my phdin abroad in neurodegenerative disorders but currently iam doing my project on Hepatotoxicity.please say me whether i can get phD in Neuroscience as my current project is unrelated to neurology?Plese tell me the requirements for funding? suggest me good universities in Uk which can provide funding


It's totally possible to change the subject.
Ever looked at www.findaphd.com?


I don't know anything about your subject area and how easy it would be to switch fields, I think it very much depends on potential supervisors and how you compare to the other people you are competing with for a position, (and your project proposal if you have to write your own, rather than work on a pre-defined project).

As regards funding, I believe it very much depends on whthe funding source, as to who is eligable for it, some types of funding require you to be from the UK, others from within the EU, others have no restrictions, again this is something that you would have to check with potential departments or supervisors.


thanks for the info...................................