question about interview follow up


Dear all

I'm a PhD graduate, been a postdoc in pharmacology for about 3 and 3/4 years in total. My most recent contract was a 1 year overseas research fellowship which has now expired, hence in January, I returned to my home country the UK. So before the end of my previous contract, and since January i've been applying for jobs in the UK, I've applied for about 50, mostly non academic, but pharmacology related positions such associate editor of a journal or scientific/ medical writer.

So far i've had 1 skype interview, 2 traditional interviews, one phone interview. I got rejected from the skype interview (no problem there, If they'd offered, it would have been a difficult decision as to whether I accept or not as I didn't like the people much). The first traditional interview went well, everyone was lovely but got rejected 2 weeks later (a shame, but fair enough). The phone interview went well enough, but i've recieved no word after 3 weeks. The second traditional interview resulted from the first company mentioning me to another company, got an interview, and it did not go very well, and i've not heard, although I have just seen the position advertised, so I guess they didn't like me.

So after all the background, my question is as follows: Is this normal? I know the jobs market is pretty tight right now, and many people with better CVs than my own are struggling for work, but 50 jobs and only 4 interviews to show for it?, and 2 of the interviews were with not particularly nice people, and why the lack of feedback in 2 cases, is this all normal?

Thanks for reading, all responses welcome.


I think it's normal. Lots of people on here are struggling to find jobs. It's good that you're getting the interviews - you must be doing something right so keep at it, you'll get there I'm sure!