Question re: postgrad library qualifications


Hi all - this is quite a specific question, so not sure if anyone will be able to help me, but thought I would give it a go. I've been toying with the idea of taking a postgrad qualification in library and information management, as I know this is required to become a qualified librarian etc. However, I (hopefully) will already have an English lit masters by the time I decide to take one of these courses, and I'd really like to avoid having to do another one, so I've been looking instead at the PgDip library courses that are are offered by some Universities.

What I wanted to know was whether there was any difference between the Masters and the PgDip in terms of employment prospects, i.e. if I went for the PgDip, would this still qualify me as a librarian, or would some employers require the full Masters? I can't seem to find this information anywhere, but I know that the only reason I would take one of this postgrad library courses would be to get a vocational qualification, I wouldn't be interested in doing research so I don't think the Masters would benefit me. However, I'd need to know that the PgDip would put me on equal grounding from an employment perspective with someone else who had done the full Masters, if that makes sense. Could anyone offer any advice?


A friend of mine is a librarian, but she did the Master's route.  I remember when she was looking, the priority is not necessarily the course itself (unless you want to be a specialist in a particular subject)... but the fact that the course is CILIP accredited. If you can find a PgDip that has the CILIP recognition (and most do) that will make you a qualified librarian.

Of course, employers may still prefer someone with a Masters, but they are officially no more 'qualified' than you.


I applied for the same program, I think CILIP certification is important most of all