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What would you call a publication that wasn't academic i.e. in a magazine or something - but was about your research. I need to put a list of these publications on a presentation slide, but don't want to put "non-academic publications", or maybe I should??

I was thinking "dissemination" - but not sure!


I have seen it described as 'lay publications' - would that be ok?

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ooh that's a good one. thank you I will use that.

Anyone got any idea about how to refernce a symposium in which I am one of the speakers??


Hello Sneaks
Depending on the publication you might refer to it as a Professional Journal.

Or how about Additional Sources?

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Hmm, I suppose it's not peer reviewed, in which case you could just call it "Non-peer reviewed literature". However, if you're in an area where peer reviewing isn't that common, this wouldn't work. Could you just refer to it by title? Again, I suppose this depends where you found it...

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it was in my own presentation - about my own publications, I've done a few press articles etc because my subject is quite mainstream. I called them 'other' in the end haha! but I referred to them as lay publications when I talked about them (up)

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What about 'journalism' or 'journalistic [possibly a poncey word there, though] references'. Or non-academic journals.

Sorry, I see now I'm a bit too late with that one.