quit ! no supervision


HI all,

I am doing my phd in germany. I joined phd with funding but right from the first i found out that my supervisor did not care about my progress, but i still gave myself time to see if things ironed out. Things remain the same even after 2 years now and I meet him only once in 5 months. He does not reply emails for appointments nor reads my drafts for publications but he expects 3 journals to get phd. I have a second supervisor but he is a completely unrelated field and honestly I dont know why he was assigned as a 2nd supervisor.Technically, although i have worked hard to have submitted a journal without his supervision, i feel teribly uncertain of getting a phd as he doesnt even know my research. The best thing out of all this is that i love my topic, but this insecure feeling drains me. Now I find it hard to decide between the two: To stay and see how it works out with my phd with all given uncertainities or leave and move to the industry and see some growth after these hard 2 years.


Sorry to hear of your problems Barryk - can anyone offer any advice?


People replied in the other thread he started. Keep up Reenie! (Love you :-x)


Oops, OK, I'll stop interfering! (on this thread at least).


I am so disheartened by what I read re PHDs. It is if your face fits-- as a colleague of mine was actually told by One Uni. A PHD is a club-- if they let you in; fine.If they do not like you-- they oppose your ideas, even say they are wrong when the facts are correct; give them to someone else or tell you they are pointless.I wonder what some highly established academics are so frightened of? I do better alone.I myself left but did go higher up on a few occasions. Suggest all students keep notes of what they are told at every meeting; any communication and involve the higher academic.At one time, a PHD was given to the most highly academic. Not anymore I am afraid.