Quotes for your thesis


Is anyone planning on putting some kind of quote in the title pages of their thesis?

I was planning on something by TS Eliot, but the way things are going lately I'm more inclined to Bart Simpson: "I didn’t think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows".


I didn't but know a lot of people that have. My lab go really overboard on acknowledgements and include lots of in-jokes. Go for it!


Particularly cheesy for coastal scientists and hydrologists: "We have oceans of data, rivers of information, puddles of knowledge, and the odd drop of wisdom."


Not sure. I really don't want something I look back on and cringe. I'm trying to keep it as impersonal as possible.


Know what you mean Sue. But I'd like something to make it slightly personal, just not embarrasingly so. I always read the acknowledgments first, just out of nosiness.


just a thought.. for those of you in relationships/married would you acknowledge them.. (but on the other hand if your not together in ten years time you have to read their name every time you look at thesis?.) and would you use married name.. again in case of divorce!?


I have acknowledged my OH, but like Sue resisted in case I look back on my thesis and cringe. OH has held me together and listed to 4 years of moans, so does deserve an acknowledgement.