quoting the person(s) who will be reading your porposal


I'm in the middle of writing my proposal (the guys I hope will be my supervisors are very keen on the topic, and keen for me to do it too,and are going to be my references) but my problem is, and its a bit silly really, I really need to quote their work, but feel a bit embarrassed about it, what if I have the wrong idea about it for example. They are both very well known in the field and one even suggested I look at their work, and I know them too which doesn't help as I did my MA with them. Should I just bung them in and hope I have it right or what?


Yes you should. If their work is directly relevant to what you are doing then omitting it would be even worse. Also, academics love it when you cite their work (assuming you do it correctly, that is!).


Yes, we all love a citation Good luck!


Thanks for the replies, it just seems a bit silly, like quoting your teacher!!!!


I know what you mean, I felt so strange quoting my prospective supervisor, like I was being sycophantic. I went ahead anyway, it demonstrates that your supervisor's work has direct relevence to your topic. My proposal went in last week, so I know what you're going thru. Good Luck !! FFxx