R&R - what to put on job application forms?


Hi all,

As you may know from my previous thread, I got R&R (examiner said 12 months max, but 3 months doable) but no need for a second viva as he said my performance was excellent. So basically, I never need another viva, yet I still have revise/resubmit.

A few jobs have come up. What on earth do I put re: the PhD if asked, and more pertinently, if it comes up in an interview?

Have I "passed" by viva but not my PhD? Have I not even submitted by the letter of the law? I'm really confused as to what my actual status is.

The examiners said they'll happily go through my amendments process with me in order to make as little work as possible for both parties (their words), so I'm feeling very positive about it.

But - when it comes to jobs - I don't want to be in the same situation as last year whereby they don't take me seriously because I haven't submitted. Is it irresponsible to say I've already had the viva and am working through amendments?


Our system in Australia is a bit different, in that we don't usually have a viva. If you get R&R then you haven't passed until you get a pass grade from the re-examination. However in your case, it sounds like you are well on track to getting that pass. All you really need to say to prospective employers is that you have submitted your PhD and you are now working on corrections from your viva. That should be enough to convince them you have it in the bag. If they really need to know more, then tell them about the R&R, but mention that a second viva is not necessary.