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Hi Incognito, sorry you are having such a hard time. I'm not great at dealing with stress but I find swimming helps a lot - I think because it forces me to breathe very deeply. I swam every day during my final undergrad year when I was stressed about the dissertation, exams etc. These days I can only manage twice a week but it definitely helps calm me down. Yoga is also good for the same reason - the breathing. I'm sure I had fewer stress related health problems when I was doing yoga regularly. Good luck with the orthodontist.


Hi AislingB,
Thanks! I do swim regularly (in fact I used to swim at quite a high level in my uni years). I think my issue (funny I was discussing this with someone yesterday) is that I'm so obsessed with confronting and resolving my issues that I drive myself crazy: what's the point of distracting myself with yoga etc…? I know it sounds silly but that's how I am. Yoga is one thing I need to do more of to be honest so that's something to consider. I am now at a stage where I so hate myself that I just put on my clothes, go to the gym, then work, then rush home to be on the net until I sleep. Makes me wonder what all the work (PhD, MSc, BSc, working in the private sector, etc..) was all for.

At any rate I hope my rosacea gets better first things first. I don't know why my brother is not responding to my 2 latest emails there isn't much I can do at this stage. As for the ortho, my appointment is next week- wish me luck!


Hello all,
Just wanted to update you since I haven't forgotten how nice you've been.

1) My orthodontist assured me that parts of what's happened could be reversed and I'm booked for that on the 9th of August. Not much needs to be done so hopefully it's not going to change anything just reverse the way it's making my mandible look and function. It's just going to be horrible having to wait until the 9th of August and I'll have to pay some money but not so bothered about that as long as I'm happy. I'm just worried that there will be complications after the procedure as I don't know much about orthodontics :(:(. Any advice on how to deal with fear of the unknown? I suppose it could've been worse but that's a positive development.

2) My rosacea is under control (am on antibiotics) but will be off them soon and hope it doesn't get worse.

3) Things going well in my job but no talk of extending my contract beyond the 9 months. My contract expires December. Should I start looking for jobs now? I'm happy with my job- the work is interesting and impacts our everyday lives which is awesome, but one of the directors there doesn't like me much :(…my manager likes me though so it's a tough situation. Wait for another month before applying for other jobs?

Trying to be more optimistic and less depressed but any words of wisdom from you guys would help! Thanks as always.


Have you actually had any conversations with the manager about your interest in staying on/whether the possibility is there? I would do that before starting to look for new jobs.


Quote From HazyJane:
Have you actually had any conversations with the manager about your interest in staying on/whether the possibility is there? I would do that before starting to look for new jobs.

Hi HazyJane,
My manager really likes me and I'm in charge of so much that I find it hard to suddenly leave after 5 months (all my tasks have a 24 month horizon and knowing how busy it gets they don't have time to train someone else). I think I'll have this conversation end of August, after my orthodontic issue is over. I get the impression that my team and manager like me, and he's been happy with my work.

Update: things seem to be looking up- my orthodontist and I agreed to set up an appointment on Aug 9th to reverse parts of what has happened to my teeth and I'll get to see him mid-July now as well just to confirm/go over the details. We've gone over a plan and it seems that he understands my position. Fingers crossed- if this reversal goes well I'll be extremely happy. Fingers crossed don't want to jinx it.

Stay strong people and remember: sometimes we have to suffer to get to where we want in life. I would highly recommend listening to motivational tracks as they've been helping me through my depression and will do so until August for sure.


Hey guys,

So now that it's July, I was starting to feel better as everything in my life seemed under control and improving (work, stress, etc…) when my rosacea is back with a vengeance!! My nose is as red as a tomato and it's bumps all over it :(:(.

I feel so cursed- has any of you ever experienced a situation in which you work so hard and everything is going well with no reason to complain/be sad only for something to suddenly ruin things?!?! It's like when it rains it pours- I spent 6 hours at the Emergency Unit of a nearby hospital to get a prescription gel which I hope does its job and I'm icing my nose as well. I hope it's not rhinophyma as that'd be a nightmare :(..wish me luck/support and thanks for your help.