Ratings for Departments / Schools


I've been looking for some current reviews of chemisrty departments the only things I can find though are teh 2001 RAE reports and the times good university guide.

Are there any current reviews which break down the overal university score into department raitings?



Since no one has answered this I can only add that if you can wait till December, the new RAE ratings will come out, and this time is will show a profile rating of the staff of each department e.g. 20% produced 4*, 30% produced 3* etc.

The only other rankings is the new 2009 Times league that came out about a month ago. The Guardian and a few other places produce similar leagues....but I think all of these are fairly subjective and never reflect the true quality of a university.


Thanks for the reply guess I'll have to wait December. The Times and Guardian ones do seem far too general.


Check out the number of publications and the journals these were published in.