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Had my first rejection the other day (also my first submission!) from a journal. I've presented at a few conferences with no rejections so was feeling naively confident, but it's a bit of a sobering process reading the reviewers comments. Although it was a bit of a battering to the old self confidence, I'm glad it's happened now (yr 2 of 3) rather than towards the end. It's also, according to my supervisors, a good introduction to academic life! At least the comments were relatively constructive, apparently this isn't always the case!

Anyway, just thought I'd share that with the class :)


My first two papers were rejected too, but I rewrote them and now have two papers accepted. Rejection always hurts, but if you get useful feedback it's a worthwhile exercise. Good luck for your next try, Barnaby!

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hey Barnaby, thanks for sharing. I have yet to submit to a journal so at least now I know what to expect and won't be so dejected by rejection. Good luck with the next one.


Good luck with the next one too. I am currently awaiting to hear back from a journal too! (bites nails)


Me too Chrsi! I made an early enquiry ahead of summitting at the end of the month as I actually don't really expect to get into this journal and don't want to waste time over it. So I am braced for rejection any minute :p

Nothing ventured nothing gained though8-)

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Like Alice says, rewrite it, noting the reviewers comments, and submit it to another journal with a lower impact factor.  Don't give up, I've had some real slatings from editorial boards in the past but it's nothing personal! Good luck.


This is a great lesson actually. I agree with Ginga BTW. My first paper flew in...I got arrogant/sloppy. Second one got dispatched by supervisors before it even got to review. Best of luck.


Good luck anyway,

Also a silly question but, how do you know the impact factor of a journal you are submitting to?

Regards Wolfe


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for the impact factor, check the "web of science" database, where in the "additional resources" section there is a link to "journal citation reports"