Resubmission & Postdoc


Hi all,
I am among many of you who are finishing their PhD soon.
Today, my supervisor spoke with one of the thesis reviewers. He said that my thesis is short and seems like I have copied some of Introduction part from someone else's thesis (which I did, but it was exactly what I wanted. I guess a lot of people do that). All my results are absolutely original and I put in a lot of work into that. He also pointed out some minor mistakes which can be easily taken care of. Now, I believe that the reviewer has already made up his mind to give me hard time during my thesis defense. I may have to resubmit after corrections after my thesis defesne.

I recently gave an interview for a postdoc. It went well and I think I will get the job (but that remains to be seen). My question is that if I get the postdoc and need to resubmit my thesis subject to correction, can I commence my postdoc without any problems? I mean, will I be "Dr. Endthisnow"?

Funny thing is that the other reviewer gave an excellent review and mentioned very minor corrections!



"I have copied some of Introduction part from someone else's thesis (which I did, but it was exactly what I wanted. I guess a lot of people do that)"

This is plagiarism and is extremely serious (

You can even get in a trouble for self-plagiarism, like repeating an introduction that you have already published in a paper!!!

am not sure about the regulations -if you can withdraw the thesis at this point.
Then you will have to scan the thesis with "TurnItIn" or a similar software that detects plagiarism, replace the parts that you copied and re-submit.


I'm a little concerned at your copying part of your introduction - I'm presuming (please God) that you referenced this correctly and the examiner is simply concerned that you quoted so much? If you simply 'copied' then that is possibly the biggest no no in academia and no, I don't think anybody does that - not if they wish to carry on working anyway. Certainly nobody that I know who has been through this has copied anything without inserting it as a quote or paraphrase and fully referencing it. I've had to reference myself where I've used work that I've already had published. I'm hoping that this is simply a case of you using the wrong wording in the O.P and not that you have actually copied...:$


I am also concerend that you copied part of your introduction- this is an absolute no no- was your supervisor aware of this? I am afraid this will be extremely hard to defend in a viva. Was it a large section? Was it referenced?

Minor mistakes are fine- usually get awarded the PhD subject to minor corrections

If you get a resubmission decision you are not a doctor just yet- you have to resubmit and then wait on the decision following the resubmission. If you get offered the job you should be truthful with your future employer.