Resubmission and second viva???


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Hiya, I've just resubmitted my thesis for the second time after my examiners asked for major corrections (more experiments, and entire rewrite of thesis) after my first submission and viva. I'm working as a post-doc at the moment, so obviously need my PhD otherwise I'm out of a job! I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience of resubmissions with a second viva? I don't know for sure whether my examiners want another viva, however everyone i know tells me it's more than likely I will. I've worked realyl hard to get all my experiments completed and I think i've done all they wanted me to do, however I'm worried it's not going to be enough. Has anyone else been in this situation???? I'm so worried and stressed about it all!!


To be honest I don't know much about the resubmission process, my guess would be that it is similar to the initial process, but I don't know for sure, if I were you I would speak to people in your department/college to find out what the process is, and get someone appropriate to read over your thesis before submission (perhaps someone in addition to your supervisor if you thought they were unhelpful previously).

Good luck with it though.