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As some of you may know, I had a bit of a blip (thank you super!) in my own PhD, but got there and more in the spring. However, today is the happiest day of my academic life.

I'm too old to get a (first) job in a UK Uni, was the Research Associate and sole writer on an important government study, am an Associate Tutor in my own Uni for MA and above, but there are no openings in my field this year. So I'm eking out a hand-to-mouth existence doing editing and proofing for PhD students.

Today, an overseas student whose PhD I relentlessly and diligently worked on (and she's one of those students who's a delight to work with because she listens and reworks and is as relentless and diligent as I am), passed her viva.

But more than that, she amazingly passed it outright. Not even minor corrections (as a writer and journo I'm eagle-eyed on typos).

She exceeded my hopes, and has given me new confidence in who I am, and what I can do with a messy PhD.

Thank you, M. I think you just gave me back my self-esteem.


Fab news Beajay- it's always nice to hear success stories and you must be over the moon! Best, KB


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All credit to her.


Keenbean, this is better news than my own 'tour de force' eventual evaluation. Because this is a 'kid' who could be my own granddaughter, who just did me proud, after all the messing about I had to do with her ideas and restructuring and redefining the whole thing. But, she had a great super also.

Isn't it better to guide someone than to do it yourself? I feel that, as a born teacher.

Her joy can't equal my joy. This is similar to when I got my 17-year-old son into the top Oxford college (St John's) from an inner city state comprehensive in 1991. I just tutored him myself. He ended up with a Double First. I teach therefore I am :)

Cue Beethoven's Ninth - Ode an die Fruede



I can relate to your post. In a previous life I used to be a teacher, and a student's success was my success. Helping someone to move forward in life gives you a great sense of usefulness and personal achievement. It feels very rewarding.