Roman Numerals


Hi everyone,

I popped my thesis into one document and am using word to create the table of contents. However, whilst I understand how to do the different headings etc I have no idea how to do the roman numerals for the acknowledgements, list of figures/tables and list of abbreviations etc

If anyone has any tips that would be mucho appreciated!

x (snowman)


Hi Buttercup, if you click insert, then go to page numbers, format page numbers you can select roman numerals from the drop down. At the bottom of the same menu you can choose which number to start at. But I dont know how to use both types of numbering systme at once, sorry!


hi buttercup
You want to create table of contents, right?
You can make your table of contents by using the Insert Table function in Word

So you will have 3 columns.

The smallest (left) is for the number in sequence of what you want to put (Acknowledgements, then the chapters)
The middle one is the title of the chapter (following that is the sections and subsections), you can do line by line.
The right one is for you to fill up the pagenumbers.

so for roman numeral you can type i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x..etc.
if you are still not sure PM me I will make you a short sample


I had a nightmare when i decided to combine all of my sections into one and had to re-do the numbering of the headings etc.

I used section breaks to set up the roman numerals and used the intructions which are already posted below but if your using word 2007 then i have no idea if it is the same.

On page one of the intro im sure there is a 'start at one' or any other number that you choose box or somthing like that to tick in that same section - if its not there then its in the footer tab

i used the insert endnote function in word for referencing - my text shows it as numbers but if i want to cross-reference it then i have to figure out what the roman numeral equ is

good luck - im hoping its done next week so feel your pain