satchi needs stats help please


can someone please help me here. This is for mixed anova. Just to cut short, the DV is say "Math marks" and IV is two conditions of "learning by ipod" and "learning by book".

1. I get p=0.00 for box test. Does this mean I cannot do the mixed anova.

2. If there is a significant Between Subject Effect, what do I do after that? I cannot run a post hoc test when there are only 2 groups.

love satchi


Can anyone help Satchi with this? This is way over my head!


Hi Satchi, it sounds like you could test what you're looking at using a t-test to see if there is a significant difference in "Maths marks" between the two groups (i.e., conditions). Then look at the means for each group and work out which is the highest (i.e., in which condition you will get the highest maths mark). This would work fine as t-tests are statistically the same as ANOVAs. Charls :)