Saving yourself from the brink


I've written here before. I'm in the grinding horror of the second year (well, I only really have four months of this left), and realizing that I don't seem to have enough results. I don't mean I have not enough positive results, but not enough results period. I spent most of the first half of my Ph.D. faffing around with simulations and their products, as well as trying to extract a new gene. What I did not know and what my supervisor never bothered to tell me was that the various failures and crashes during that time could be written into thesis chapters. So I'm not even sure I have enough data of any kind at all to write up.

I just dread going back over my past notes to try to link them together - that's the one good thing about sims, you can make and run things much more rapidly than in the lab. Ye even beyond that, I can't seem to find the time to do it. A typical cloning preparation carries me through to midnight most days, so I can't even start this stuff in my own time...