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hello,everyone,I am a graduate student from China,and I want to search a Ph.D position in Europe, my major is molecular plant biology .Could you help me??


Is there any reason why you cannot search yourself? Why do you want other students to do the work for you? I just don't understand sometimes the requests which pop up...

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You could try!


How do people find the forum, but not the site?


Well, in fairness, I'm a native English speaker and I didnn't realise that there was a "find a PhD" bit on this website. I thought it was just the forum. I searched for "Postgrad forums", and this is what I found!

Maybe I'm just a bit dopey.


Hmm...I found the "find a PhD" bit first; it came up first on the Google search. The forum was good for advice though!


I am sorry, I find the Ph.D position of plant biology appear few. So I want to know where I could get most.


I know very little about molecular plant biology, but I typed 'plants' into the 'search' box and it cam up with 126 projects!

On the side panel click 'Search Database' and then in the box marked 'Keyword' type something like 'plant' or 'molecular biology' and then read down the list at various projects on offer.

If you can't find anything why not search for magazines related to Biology on the internet, or look at the New Scientist website that advertises PhD positions


thanks a lot


Wageningen university in the Netherlands is one place you could try:(


But the link is always on the left! There are always people saying they can't find hardly any projects and when I check on this site loads come up! It's not excusable, the site is very user friendly!


The link is in veerrrry small, dark letters! My eyes assume anything like that is an advert, and I just don't see it.

May be an idea to make the link bigger and bolder!


Theres a massive banner ad with a load of blimming giraffes on it! How can people miss that?!

Anyways, when I first did a search for help with interviews, the first link was straight to the forum and not the main site. If people are just googling their queries, they may miss the search site.

J won't believe this, but I had no idea what you meant with giraffes. I've only just notiec them now that you told me to look for them.

Ignoring banners is a reconised psychological phenomenon; it was discussed in New Scientist a few weeks ago. Advertisers are having to resort to new tricks these days.


I hadn't noticed the giraffes. My 3 yr-old daughter, however, thinks they are fantastic. 4 giraffes! 1 giraffe! I could not work out what she was on about for a while - thought she was being a bit overimaginative...