Searching for jobs outside the UK?


Hola one and all. I'm a first time poster :D I'm actually at the end of my PhD (plant to submit end of july/early august) but I only just realised these forums were here when I used the findapostdoc site.

I've been desperately searching for jobs and came painfully close with getting a research associate/fellowship. I was told I was more than appointable and impressed but they the other applicant had a slightly different back ground which they favoured. So I've got back to job searching in earnest but it's a bit of struggle. The jobs I find either require more experience than I have, need a PhD now/start more or less now, or just aren't related to my background in any way shape or form.

So, that has left me wondering about applying abroad. Maybe Canada or the US, or Australia. I'd rather get a job in the UK at the moment because my better half has a year left on her post grad course and long distance is getting rather irksome. But...beggars can't be choosers and I think I should at least look overseas.

I'm having trouble finding ads though. Does anyone know of any useful sites along the lines of findapostdoc or even but for other countries? Or is it just a case of trawling through individual Uni's?